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US Chess is pleased to launch the 2023-2024 program that supports affiliates who bring chess to students attending Title I schools. This program is… Read More »
The 2023 FIDE World Women's Team Championship begins today, September 6, in Bydzosgcz, Poland, with teams representing 12 federations competing over… Read More »
This week's Wednesday Workout concludes our four-part series on the state invitational tournaments held alongside the 2023 U.S. Open. Enjoy some...… Read More »
Ranae Bartlett is the new US Chess Director of Operations. Ranae is a familiar face in the chess community having founded the Madison City Chess...… Read More »
This month, all of our Tactics Tuesday worksheets will continue the CLK Openings Project, which this month is covering the Two Knights Defense.… Read More »
The Scholastic Council and the Executive Board have approved the 2023-2024 Scholastic Regulations. This year’s regulations can be found here...Read… Read More »
Jennifer Shahade's last day at US Chess will be Wednesday, September 6, following her resignation as the Women's Program Director, a position she has… Read More »
In the 50th episode of Chess Underground, Pete and Gopal examine “underrated and underappreciated players from chess history.” Click here for the...… Read More »
Not all of the rulebook updates passed by the delegates at their annual meeting were major. There will be some minor housekeeping rules changes that… Read More »
Hello chess friends! This month’s column is the second in a series about the elements of chess analysis, using the email and correspondence games...… Read More »