Wednesday Workout
For International Women's Day, we would like to honor the 17 women from Vera Menchik to Ju Wenjun who have held the title of Women's World Champion.… Read More »
correspondence chess
Image Alex Edward Dunne was born January 3, 1942, in… Read More »
Fischer Wins Interzonal, from Chess Life and Review, January 1971
Fifty years ago, history's greatest American chess player had begun his march to the World Chess Championship - and he almost missed the first step.… Read More »
Lubomir Kavalek 1943-2021
The three-time US Chess Champion and Hall of Fame coach and author passed away January 18. Read More »
Walter Browne April 1974 Chess Life
Fabiano Caruana will return to the Tata Steel Chess Tournament as defending champ, but American victories in the event have been few and far between.… Read More »
2005 World Youth Championship U.S. Delegation
The 2005 sixth-place Team USA featured a lineup of players poised to become tomorrow's national championship contenders.Read More »
December 1956 Chess Review Cover - Game of the Century
A young Bobby Fischer's legendary game made a slow spread through Chess Life and the world in 1956.Read More »
With the death last week of GM Pal Benko at age 91, it seems appropriate on this Thursday to take a look back his 46 years writing for Chess Life.… Read More »
Having read Alexander Baburin’s outstanding (and sadly out of print) Winning Pawn Structues, and believing that the IQP is fundamental for chess… Read More »
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