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Image Alex Edward Dunne was born January 3, 1942, in… Read More »
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We would like to publish a column celebrating the life and mourning the death of FM Alex Dunne. Alex was the longtime US Chess Correspondence… Read More »
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Image FM Alex Dunne in an archival photo… Read More »
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"… And the rest is a matter of technique!" As a young player I hated seeing these words in a game annotation, for two reasons. For one, it… Read More »
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Welcome to the annual miniatures column! In the past, this column has recognized any games that lasted no more than 20 moves to be miniatures. I am… Read More »
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With Lines Wide Open With a nod to Scott Stapp and Creed, this month’s games are all won (or lost) due to one player’s use of open lines… Read More »
Jon Edwards and the final position in the Osipov game
ICCF SIM and former Chess Life Kids contributor Jon Edwards has won the 32nd World Correspondence Championship on tiebreaks over GMs Michel Lecroq… Read More »
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Greetings! We welcome Robert Irons as our new editor! Robert writes: "I am 63 years old and I live in Heyworth, Illinois (south… Read More »
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Greetings! In this month’s issue we look at pushing the “b” pawn to open, either one square or two, from both sides of the board. … Read More »
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Greetings! This is Larry’s last The Check is in the Mail. He has ably carried the good work of former editor Alex Dunne forward. As Larry… Read More »
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