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Chess in Education October 2023 Webinar: Teaching Chess in St. Louis 

October 22, 8:00 PM

This webinar features: 

  • Richard Pointer -  Scholastic Manager - Saint Louis Chess Club 
  • Dr. Matthew Pepper - Education Researcher at Basis Policy Research
  • Dr. Brian Kisida - University of Missouri

About this Webinar

The Saint Louis Chess Club opened its doors 15 years ago with a mission to bring chess to the students of the city. During that journey, the program has grown from humble beginnings in a handful of schools to over 150 partner schools and hundreds of hours of weekly programming. This webinar will have three main topics - the history and development of the Scholastic Chess Initiative, the Program’s goals and objectives, and the Program’s implementation during the school day, evaluation and research. 

For an overview of the Saint Louis Chess Club’s mission you can watch this short video.

Other highlights include:

  • Presentation and Discussion of the different models used for Chess in Schools  
  • Presentation of Saint Louis Chess Club’s Chess Standards and Curriculum
  • Presentation of Program Evaluation and Research

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