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The 2021 National K-12 Grade Championship rounds will be broadcast live with streaming commentary including on-site GM Max Dlugy.Read More »
After the longest hiatus, American scholastic chess returns with the 2021 K-12 Championships this weekend in Orlando, Florida.Read More »
The US Chess Girls club has been extremely active since the Spring of 2020, meeting over 100 times, and featuring cross-cultural collaborations from… Read More »
US Chess is thrilled to open the grant process for a Women and Girls’ Blitz and/or Rapid Event in 2022, funded by a generous donation from Richard… Read More »
The second-annual KCF University Cup will take place in February 2022 on the platform.Read More »
The Kenyan Women's Champion, WCM Joyce Nyaruai Ndirangu and US Women's Champion IM Carissa Yip will both appear to talk about their experiences at a… Read More »
Jennifer Shahade welcomes artist, sculptor and Fulbright Scholar Donna Dodson to Ladies Knight. In 2018, Dodson created an epic chess set for a show… Read More »
IM Carissa Yip spoke to the US Chess Women Girls Club about her victory at the 2021 US Women's Championship. She reviews highlights of her most...… Read More »
The World No. 2 leads five Americans and over 100 GMs playing in the World Championship-cycle event held in Riga, Latvia this week.Read More »
Our new US Women's Champion, 18-year-old Carissa Yip, will visit the US Chess Girls club on Thursday, November 4th at 6 PM ET. She'll talk about some… Read More »

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