CL 06.2022 Nakamura opener
Hikaru Nakamura on the Candidates, streaming, and the future of American chess. A Chess Life exclusive. Read More »
Postponed since March 2020, the event that determines the next challenger to World Champion Magnus Carlsen will resume Monday in Yekaterinburg,… Read More »
The 2023 FIDE World Cup concluded August 24 in Baku, Azerbaijan as both the title and third-place matches were decided after a pair of rapid tiebreak… Read More »
Wednesday Workout
Image Image Caption Lei Tingjie in the… Read More »
Suresh with Firouzja at the 2022 Candidates Tournament
After leaving his old job, and before starting his new one, Abhinav Suresh took a trip to the Candidates. He got more than he expected in the process… Read More »
GM Ian Nepomniachtchi
GM Ian Nepomniachtchi is one of only six players (as noted by @Eyal_P_Sto_) to win two Candidates cycles after Sunday’s draw with GM Richard Rapport… Read More »
First move in Nepo-Nakamura
With a 14-move draw today against GM Hikaru Nakamura, it’s another step closer to returning to a World Championship match for GM Ian Nepomniachtchi,… Read More »
2022 FIDE Candidates Round 11, Nepomniachtchi-Firouzja
With a big win against Alireza Firouzja in round 11, Ian Nepomniachtchi’s smile is almost wider than his lead. GM Jacob Aagaard provides his daily… Read More »
2022 FIDE Candidates, Ian Nepomniachtchi walks through the playing hall
After the round 10 games today for the 2022 FIDE Candidates Tournament, Ian Nepomniachtchi is floating further forward from the pack. GM Jacob… Read More »
2022 FIDE Candidates, Round 9, Nepo Looks On
Round after round, Ian Nepomniachtchi is proving to be an immovable object. Today, while he held his lead with a draw against second-place Fabiano… Read More »
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