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The US Chess Federation is pleased to announce the 2023 Annual Award recipients. Congratulations to all of these individuals and organizations who… Read More »
Editor's Note: This story first ran in the April 2023 issue of Chess Life Kids magazine. We are republishing it here now because, on June 11, 2023,… Read More »
Isabelle Choko and Jennifer Shahade in Paris, Photo Chandler Toffa
Ladies Knight host Jennifer Shahade had the opportunity this Winter to meet an epic guest: Holocaust Survivor and 1956 French Women’s Chess Champion… Read More »
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Image Alex Edward Dunne was born January 3, 1942, in… Read More »
One Move at a Time GM John Fedorowicz
For the November edition of One Move at a Time, we offer a look back at one of our favorite episodes. In this EP from May 2022, Dan Lucas sits down… Read More »
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Image   Cheating in chess has been around for… Read More »
One Move Tisserand
For the October edition of One Move at a Time, US Chess Senior Director of Strategic Communication Dan Lucas sits down with Michael Tisserand to… Read More »
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F. Woodrow "Woody" Harris, who was US Chess Secretary from 1984-1987, has died at age 65 in Emporia, Virginia. His death was reported in… Read More »
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