Chess Grants and Awards for Educators

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Nationwide grants and awards

  1. ChessKid Grants for Schools and Teachers - free gold ChessKid accounts for your school. Apply now.:
  2. US Chess Support for Title I Schools - 16 free US Chess youth memberships and 8 sets of equipment for US Chess affiliates serving Title I School chess programs. Nonprofit organizations and public schools with current US Chess affiliate memberships eligible to apply. 3 awards per affiliate limit.
  3. US Chess Trust “Chess for Youth” Program - The US Chess Trust can supply chess equipment and free US Chess memberships to programs that include Title I students. Please review all Chess-for-Youth program requirements prior to submitting your request for participation in the program. 
  4. The Andy Lerner Award for Excellence in Chess Education - Chess in the Schools proudly announces the Andy Lerner Award for Excellence in Chess Education, made possible by Andrew Lerner, esteemed member of the CIS Board of Directors. This new nationwide annual award recognizes exceptional work in chess education by those serving public schools or non-commercial children’s chess clubs.  A committee of educators and personalities in the wider chess world will select one recipient and four finalists. The $10,000 first prize award is $5,000 to the educator plus $5,000 to their affiliated organization. Four finalists each receive a $2,000 award. Press Release Nominations due Dec. 1st.
  5. Chessable Research Awards, which support university-level chess research. One connection is that educators often pursue graduate degrees. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply for Chessable Research Awards. 


Regional/State grants and awards

North Carolina: Indermaur Chess Foundation grant program provides 5 chess sets, Chess-Steps instructional material, ChessKid accounts, and online support to help NC schools start chess clubs. NC public, charter, and private schools are eligible to apply.

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