International Youth Events

INTERNATIONAL YOUTH EVENTS DATES AND INFORMATION Click here for a table of Upcoming International Youth Events

ELIGIBILITY TO PARTICIPATE IN AN INTERNATIONAL YOUTH EVENT Click here to view the Scholastic National Invitation Event and Award Requirements that details the regulations on how Official Representatives and invited players are determined for International Youth Events.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Have a question? Please consult our International Youth Event FAQ to find an answer.

INTERNATIONAL YOUTH EVENT NEWS Click here for a selection of news related to our International Youth Events, including the World Cadet and World Youth Championships.

INTERNATIONAL YOUTH EVENTS PRESENTATION Please review our PDF presentation by US Chess Staff to help prepare yourself for attending an international youth event. The presentation will help acclimate you with the process, fees, and necessities for preparing for an event.

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL Need help with international travel? This link offers assistance with finding a visa, state department advisories, and other information.

UNACCOMPANIED MINORS Click here for US Chess policy concerning unaccompanied minors at international youth events.


Rodrigo Leal
"Learning chess throughout my elementary school years formed the base for my future successes. Fast forward twelve (years) after my very first chess game, and I am now a freshman on a full scholarship at Harvard University."
— Rodrigo Leal, National Chess Champion