Current Logos for US Chess Affiliates

US Chess has introduced specially designed logos and a style guide for voluntary use by our various affiliates. This is being done to help keep US Chess on brand and to make sure we have consistent messaging across the country. These logos are not intended as a replacement for your current logo; rather, they are to be used in conjunction with your logo and may be used on your website, print materials, and in advertising materials.

Download a zipped folder of the logos presented below (including guidelines and a letter of introduction).

The logos are:

  1. State Affiliate: Only for use by the recognized US Chess State Affiliate.
  2. Gold Affiliate: Only for use by recognized US Chess Gold Affiliates.
  3. Silver Affiliate: Only for use by recognized US Chess Silver Affiliates.
  4. Affiliate: Only for use by US Chess Affiliates in good standing.
  5. Rated Event: Only for use by any of the above categories running a US Chess Rated Event.

The US Chess Primary Logo (the one used on the top left of this web page) is not to be used by anyone unless they are the official organizer of a sanctioned US Chess championship event. For example, the U.S. Championship, the U.S. Women's Championship, the U.S. Game/10 Championship, etc.)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dan Lucas, the Senior Director of Strategic Communication for US Chess, at

For more information on the Gold and Silver Affiliate program, please see here: