Plan Ahead Calendar

If you have a major event (US Chess National Tournament or an event with a guaranteed prize fund of at least $5000), let us know as soon as possible. This list will only be useful if tournaments are listed well in advance. National championship events are indicated by an (N) following the State. For details related to these events check our Upcoming Tournaments area. You can email Melinda Matthews with your questions or submissions.


February 2-4: Land of the Sky, Asheville, NC

February 15-19: Southwest Class, Irving, TX

February 16-19: President's Day Open, Dulles, VA

February 23-25: George Washington Open, Dulles, VA

March 1-3: Western Class Championships, Irvine, CA

March 15-17: 21st Annual Southern Class Championships, Orlando, FL

March 22-24: Mid-America Open, Clayton, MO

March 27-31: Foxwoods Open, Mashantucket, CT

March 28-31: 5th Colonial Open, Dulles, VA

April 5-7: 2024 National High School (K-12) Championship, Baltimore, MD (N)

April 12-14: KCF All-Girls National Championship, Chicago, IL (N)

April 12-14: Cincinnati Open, Blue Ash (Cincinnati), OH

April 26-28: 2024 National Elementary (K-6) Championship, Columbus, OH (N)

May 3-5: 29th Space Coast Open, Melbourne, FL 

May 10-12: 2024 National Middle School (K-8) Championship, Atlanta, GA (N)

May 22-27: 11th Cherry Blossom Classic, Dulles, VA

May 23-27: Chicago Open, Wheeling IL 

May 31-June 2: Niagara Falls Open, Niagara Falls, NY

May 31-June 2: 11th Summer Solstice Open, Boca Raton, FL

June 7-9: Cleveland Open, Cleveland, OH

June 7-9: Eastern Class Championships, Windsor Locks, CT

June 27-July 1: Philadelphia International, Philadelphia, PA

June 28-30: Philadelphia Open, Philadelphia, PA

July 3-7: World Open, Philadelphia, PA

July 11-14: National Junior Chess Congress, Orlando, FL (N)

July 19-21: Chicago Class, Wheeling, IL

July 19-21: Pacific Coast Open, Van Nuys, CA

July 19-21: Southern Open, Orlando, FL

July 26-28: Bradley Open, Windsor Locks, CT

July 26-28: Pittsburgh Open, Pittsburgh, PA

July 27-August 4: 2024 U.S. Open Championship, Norfolk, VA (N)

August 10-14: 11th Annual Washington International, Rockville, MD

August 15-18: Continental Open, Marlborough, MA

August 29-September 2: New York State Championship. Albany, NY

October 10-14: 3rd Skyline Open, Dulles, VA

October 11-13: Midwest Class Championships, Wheeling, IL

October 18-20: 2024 South Dakota Governor's Cup, Sioux Falls, SD

October 18-20: Hartford Open, Windsor Locks, CT

October 25-27: Eastern Chess Congress, Princeton NJ

November 1-3: Los Angeles Open, Irvine, CA

November 15-17: Kings Island Open, Blue Ash, OH

November 29-December 1: National Chess Congress, Philadelphia, PA

December 6-8: 2024 National K-12 Grade Championships, National Harbor, MD (N)

December 26-29: Eastern Open, Arlington, VA

December 26-30: North American Open - Las Vegas, NV



January 3-5: Boston Chess Congress, Boston, MA

January 17-20: Liberty Bell Open, Philadelphia, PA

January 17-20: Golden State Open, San Rafael, CA

January 31-February 2: Land of the Sky, Asheville, NC

February 13-17: Southwest Class, Irving, TX

March 21-23: Mid-America Open, St. Louis, MO

April 3-5: KCF All-Girls National Championship, Chicago, IL (N)

April 16-20: Princeton Open, Princeton, NJ

May 9-11: SuperNationals VIII, Orlando, FL (N)

May 2-4: Niagara Falls Open, Niagara Falls, NY

May 22-26: Chicago Open - Wheeling, IL

June 26-30: Philadelphia International, Philadelphia, PA (corrected)

June 27-29: Philadelphia Open, Philadelphia, PA

July 2-6: World Open - Philadelphia, PA

July 18-20: Chicago Class, Wheeling, IL

August 28-September 1: New York State Championship, Albany, NY

October 10-12: Midwest Class Championships, Wheeling, IL

November 28-30 or 29-30: National Chess Congress, Philadelphia, PA

December 26-30: North American Open, Las Vegas, NV



January 16-19: Liberty Bell Open, Philadelphia, PA

January 30-February 1: Land of the Sky, Asheville, NC

March 27-29: 2026 National High School (K-12) Championship, Chicago, IL (N)

June 25-29: Philadelphia International, Philadelphia, PA

June 26-28: Philadelphia Open, Philadelphia, PA

July 1-5: World Open, Philadelphia, PA

November 27-29: National Chess Congress, Philadelphia, PA



January 15-18: Liberty Bell Open, Philadelphia, PA

February 5-7: Land of the Sky, Asheville, NC

June 24-28: Philadelphia International, Philadelphia, PA

June 25-27: Philadelphia Open, Philadelphia, PA

June 30-July 4: World Open, Philadelphia, PA

November 26-28: National Chess Congress, Philadelphia, PA