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Internet Chess Club (ICC) Fair Play Endorsement by US ChessAugust 7, 2020: In our ongoing initiatives to make online rated play more available and to provide more certainty about the integrity of online games...… Read More »
College & Chess Panel Part II: featuring four exceptional chess scholars
College & Chess Panel Set for August 11th US Chess Women is hosting another College & Chess Panel for girls aged 12-19 with four exceptional panelists slated to present and speak including IM… Read More »
Jen giving a simul at the Orlando K-12
Girls Club on ZOOM: A Student's Perspective Laurel Aronian writes about attending the Girls Club classes on Zoom, taught by some of the top female players and personalities in the US, and the...Read… Read More »
The TD Show Episode 15 - Player Conduct, Using Additional ResourcesThis week's “The TD Show” topic will be "Player Conduct - Using Additional Resources" and will air at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific on Thursday, August 6 on...… Read More »

Chess Life Magazine

With Pogchamps 2 just announced for August, this month's cover story on "The New Chess Boom" by IM Eric Rosen couldn't be more timely. If you've ever wondered what all this Twitch stuff is about,… Read More »

Chess Life Kids

In our August issue, GM Alexander Ipatov gives an overview of key rook endgame positions that every young player should know. And fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe might recognize the… Read More »