11th Annual Dewain Barber National Tournament of Middle School State Champions

Event Date: July 31-August 3, 2021
Location: Crown Plaza Philadelphia-Cherry Hill

Opening/Closing Ceremony Program PDF  (Note: Printed programs will be distributed at the opening ceremony. Please retain the program for the closing ceremony, as only a limited number will be available at the closing ceremony. This pdf is provided as an alternative.)

Barber Pairings

Barber Standings


Irwin Pairings

Irwin Standings


Denker Pairings

Denker Standings


Haring Pairings

Haring Standings


Rockefeller Pairings

Rockefeller Standings


Team Standings (link will not be active until later rounds)

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The Dewain Barber National Tournament of Middle School State Champions is a free event that invites each state affiliate's nominee to compete for the title of 2021 Barber National Champion. If there is a tie for first place in the Barber, co-champions will be recognized.

The Executive Board of US Chess has added the Barber Champion to its list of qualifiers for the World Youth or the World Cadet Championship and the US Cadet Championship. The qualifying student in case of a tie will be the highest finishing player on tie-breaks who meets the eligibility requirements of the World Youth/World Cadet event for the US Chess delegation and the US Cadet Championship. The qualifying person needs a US FIDE flag to be eligible to represent the US in the World Youth/World Cadet and US Cadet Championships.

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Barber: MS (6-8) Sponsors

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