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CL 06.2022 Nakamura opener
Hikaru Nakamura on the Candidates, streaming, and the future of American chess. A Chess Life exclusive. Read More »
courtesy Daaim Shabazz
Image Image Caption GM Awonder Liang… Read More »
Jeanne nana Irina
The third Cairns Cup begins Saturday, June 3, hosted by the Saint Louis Chess Club at the World Chess Hall of Fame. The ten-player Round Robin… Read More »
JUAN DOLIO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Disco music filled the small conference center as the audience impatiently munched on dried macarons and downed… Read More »
Wednesday Workout
Six Americans competed in the star-studded Sharjah Masters, held May 17 through 25 in the United Arab Emirates. The all-GM field consisted of 78… Read More »
USCF logo
The Frank P. Samford, Jr. Chess Fellowship, marking its thirty seventh annual award, has selected Grandmasters Hans Niemann of Weston City,… Read More »
Editor's note: This story first ran in the June 2023 issue of Chess Life Magazine. We have republished Gledura's article below, and included several… Read More »
Wednesday Workout
Congratulations to the Gotham Knights on winning the 2023 Pro Chess League playoffs. After five weeks of regular season play (covered here and here… Read More »
Image Image Caption courtesy Lennart… Read More »
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