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National Tournament Director Tim Just offers a few rules of thumb that are easier to recall if you get caught in the labyrinth of an adjournment.Read… Read More »
The history of Western society suggests some answers on how bishops became soldiers and how queens became the strongest warrior in the chess army.… Read More »
The Queens Gambit on Netflix has done a lot for promoting our beloved royal sport. The show has also triggered a flood of nostalgia.Read More »
Early attempts at these rules were too ambiguous for proper enforcement, and later attempts were made to provide clarity on dealing with repeat moves… Read More »
The 50-move draw rule took centuries to reach its modern definition.Read More »
Though the concept of stalemate had long been recognized, there was no universally accepted rule on its significance before the 19th century.Read… Read More »
Entering chess tournaments is a lot like those pop-up screens that bring our computers and smartphone activities to a screeching halt.Read More »
For centuries, pawns could move forward two squares on their initial move. But the rules were debated when the move bypassed control of an enemy pawn… Read More »
Throughout the history of chess, the only direction a pawn could move is forward. The only variable left was what happened when a pawn reached the...… Read More »
Part Three of former US Chess President John McCrary's historical series tracks the progression of the modern-day castling maneuver.Read More »

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