just the Rules by Tim Just
An unrated player is a puzzle waiting to be solved. On the one hand they are often—especially at the scholastic level—beginners that are just… Read More »
just the Rules by Tim Just
Without TDs (tournament directors) chess events would be a mess. Someone has to process those entries—though organizers (often the TD) can also crank… Read More »
just the Rules by Tim Just
Nostalgia has a way of making us feel good about the past. We look at things through the “warm and fuzzy” lens of time. We tend to ignore the idea… Read More »
USCF logo
There are a number of clarification changes that have been implemented in the Tournament Director Certification Rules, effective February 10, 2022.… Read More »
just the Rules by Tim Just
It’s the small stuff that makes up the quality of a good tournament experience. You have some control over that. Have a look at an… Read More »
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The FIDE Council recently approved changes to the Qualification Commission (QC) regulations, which come into effect on January 1, 2022. These changes… Read More »
Tim Just, CLO columnist
Forgetting to bring your chess clock to a tournament has the potential to make for a difficult day.Read More »
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