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In the first CLO report posted about the National Middle School Championship, we wrote the following: "It is also worth noting — and… Read More »
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Image Melinda Matthews, who joined US Chess in April 2017… Read More »
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Image Ranae Bartlett, who has been serving as the Interim… Read More »
Adia Onyango
Adia Onyango made a splash in her first month of eligibility for the Senior Women’s (50+) Invitational rating list. Onyango, who turned 50 in January… Read More »
Born May 15, 1929 in Brooklyn, New York, George Mortimer Kramer began playing chess and competing at a young age. By 1945, he had won the New York… Read More »
Editor's note: This story first appeared in the December 2023 issue of Chess Life Magazine. Consider becoming a US Chess member for more content like… Read More »
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Hello chess friends! This month’s column is dedicated to Abraham Wilson of Mililani, Hawaii, a long-time competitor in the Absolute Championships and… Read More »
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Update 10/10/2023: The family of Alex Dunne respectfully asks for your financial help in the wake of his untimely death this past January. Alex did… Read More »
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US Chess has learned that Jorge Fernandez Vega has died at the age of 87. He was the FIDE President of Confederation of Chess for Americas (CCA), and… Read More »
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Image FM Alex Dunne in an archival photo… Read More »
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