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An Unrated Wins the Upset Prize Chess rules simply can’t be written to cover every possibility, especially for unintended results.… Read More »
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Beginning at 9 a.m. CT on October 5 and in effect for up to 24 hours, the Membership Service Area (MSA) of our website will be down for scheduled… Read More »
Korey Kormick
Korey Kormick, who has been the US Chess Technical & Ratings Manager since March 2021, has been promoted to Director of Member Services effective… Read More »
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The US Chess Executive Board recently approved changes to the Invitational Rating List Regulations. These rating lists are used to determine the… Read More »
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August 23, 9am Central: US Chess is aware of a new issue with the player search and ratings lookup interface. It is being actively worked on by our… Read More »
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US Chess announces the planned outage of a data server for maintenance purposes.  This server will be taken offline on Tuesday, August 24, and will… Read More »
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Beginning at 6 AM CDT on Tuesday, June 22, and continuing through until 6 AM Thursday, June 24, US Chess will be conducting a necessary update to its… Read More »
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Image Korey Kormick, who had been serving as our Interim… Read More »
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Effective Tuesday, September 1, 2020, US Chess will charge $0.25 per game for online tournaments submitted through the Tournament Report Form on the… Read More »
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