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The Frank P. Samford, Jr. Chess Fellowship, marking its thirty eighth annual award, has selected Grandmasters Abhimanyu Mishra of Englishtown, New… Read More »
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Starting this Summer, and running through Fall, The US Chess Federation (US Chess) plans to launch an innovative internship program aimed at current… Read More »
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The US Chess Executive Board, in support of DM23-50 (Create DC State Chapter Committee), called a Special Delegates Meeting for June 1, 2024, for the… Read More »
The 2024 National Elementary School Championship took place April 26 through 28 in Columbus, Ohio. Our daily coverage on Chess Life Online covered… Read More »
On Saturday April 20, 2024, Senior Director of Strategic Communication Dan Lucas was inducted into the Georgia Chess Association Hall of Fame. The… Read More »
Update, April 16, 2024: This report has been updated with photos of the individual and team champions from each section. All photos courtesy DeShaun… Read More »
After seven rounds in Baltimore, Maryland, Ohio senior IM Jason Wang is the 2024 National High School (K-12) Champion. Our flash report covers more… Read More »
This is a flash report from the 2024 National High School (K-12) Chess Championship. A full report of the final day of games is available here.… Read More »
Clasby L Tugstumur rd 5
With the notoriously grueling "triple round" day in the books, the 2024 High School (K-12) Nationals turns the corner into the home stretch in… Read More »
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     US Chess Federation (US Chess) and the US Chess Trust, both independent 501(c)(3) organizations, are pleased to announce… Read More »
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