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During the Special Delegates Meeting in August 2020, US Chess Delegates adopted a simplified membership structure to reflect changing member...Read… Read More »
Important Notice to all Tournament Directors, Organizers, and Affiliates The past year has been one with significant changes in our industry. Due to… Read More »
In our ongoing initiatives to make online rated play more available and to provide more certainty about the integrity of online games, the US Chess… Read More »
US Chess is pleased to announce the hiring of Kory Kennedy as our Art Director within our Communications Department. His start date is March 31, 2021… Read More »
US Chess is announcing a revised fee structure for the cost of submitting FIDE rated events for rating. These fees are in addition to the regular...… Read More »
Korey Kormick, who had been serving as our Interim Ratings Associate following the sad and sudden passing of Susan Kantor, has been named the US… Read More »
The much-anticipated 2021 edition SuperNationals, which would have been the seventh installment of the popular all-inclusive scholastic national...… Read More »
On Wednesday, February 17, Executive Director Carol Meyer, Governance Coordinator Jennifer Pearson, and Chair of the Election Committee Ken Ballou… Read More »
The US Chess Federation (US Chess) is soliciting Bookstore bids for the following FY 2021-2022 through FY 2024-2025 National events. The US Chess...… Read More »
US Chess is canceling SuperNationals VII (SN) due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic. SN is an… Read More »

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