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Image FM Sandeep Sethuraman (David Llada… Read More »
Niemanna jeopardy clue
Editor’s note: Our January issue featured this piece by Chess Life editor John Hartmann, in which he summarizes the events and issues… Read More »
Cover Stories April 2022
Today’s guest on "Cover Stories with Chess Life" is a returning guest. He’s the man with the fancy hat: Grandmaster Elshan Moradiabadi. … Read More »
Cover Stories August 2022, Caroline King
My guest on this special edition of Cover Stories is Caroline King, the photographer who shot our July cover photo of the 2022 National High School… Read More »
Cover Stories July 2022, FM Alex King
This month's guest on Cover Stories is the author of our July cover story on the 2022 National High School Championship, which was held in Memphis in… Read More »
2022 Candidates Preview Podcast GM Jacob Aagaard
Our bonus Candidates preview is out! Chess Life and Chess Life Online editor John Hartmann chats with GM Jacob Aagaard about the Candidates, Magnus… Read More »
Cover Stories June 2022
Vjekoslav (“Vjeko”) Nemec is a Croatian candidate master, and the main proprietor of the chess website When I put out the call on… Read More »
Cover Stories with Chess Life #45
This month's guest on Cover Stories with Chess Life is... me.Read More »
Cover Stories April 2022
This month’s guest on "Cover Stories with Chess Life" is well known to American chess fans. He’s the man with the fancy hat: Grandmaster Elshan… Read More »
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