FM Sunil Weeramantry
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FM Sunil Weeramantry, Courtesy of the Saint Louis Chess Campus

Event Date: Saturday, July 31, 2021
Location: Crown Plaza Philadelphia-Cherry Hill

Pairings: 2200+ 
Parings: 1800-2199 
Pairings: 1400-1799 
Pairings: U1400 

Standings: 2200+ 
Standings: 1800-2199 
Standings: 1400-1799 
Standings: U1400 

Team Standings (link will not be active until later rounds)


The FM Sunil Weeramantry National Blitz Tournament of State Champions is an annual invitational event run by US Chess that has determined the Weeramantry National Champion since 2020.  The 2020 champion was a grandmaster with a US Chess rating of 2644.

All Invitational players are welcome to register for the free, optional Weeramantry Blitz tournament by filling out an online form, the link to which will be emailed to them.


Registration Deadline: 7 days before the tournament. No onsite signups.

4 sections: 

Championship: 2200+



Under 1400

Prizes: $3,200 ($800 per section; 4 sections).

Prizes for Each Section: Gift Certificates for the U.S. Open Bookstore

1st  $240
2nd  $200
3rd  $160
4th  $120
5th  $80

Rounds: 4DSS: 4 double rounds (players alternate as White & Black) with Swiss-system pairings.

Time Control: G3 +2: 3 minutes base time with a 2-second increment added after each move.  


Open only to players in the 5 simultaneous national state champions invitationals running concurrently with the U.S. Open: the Irwin, Denker, Haring, Barber, & Rockefeller. First Saturday, 10 AM. Optional. No entry fee. Section eligibility and pairings determined strictly by US Chess Regular rating—no playing up. Players must bring a chess clock, and it should support time increment. US Chess does not plan to supply clocks to players. If neither player brings a clock to the board, then both players forfeit the round. The tournament is US-Chess-rated only and follows US Chess rules. 9:45 AM: announcements & review rules. If there is a tie, then the prize will go to the highest finisher, based on tiebreaks (1. Modified Median, 2. Solkoff, 3. Cumulative, and 4. Cumulative of Opposition); the prize will not be split.


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