Certified Chess Coach Program

Certified Chess Coach Program update: February 8, 2023

The updated Certified Chess Coach Program is still “Under Construction.” As such, the following actions are being taken until more details can be announced about program changes.

  1. Any currently certified coaches who were scheduled to expire since 2020 and have already been extended during previous pandemic-related announcements will be further extended through 12/31/2024.
  2. Anyone who has submitted an application during the period of program dormancy (2020-2022) that has not yet been processed for Levels I or II only will automatically be activated through 12/31/2024. Exams for any Level III applicants will be sent shortly. Applicants for Levels IV and V will be considered by the Scholastic Council as usual.
  3. An updated page listing the current certified Chess Coaches is projected to be available no later than the end of March.
  4. Any new applications for the Certified Chess Coach program must submit their request through this new digital form (2023 Certified Chess Coach Form), including uploads of supporting documentation. Upon receipt of the completed application, they will be emailed an exam. Upon passage of the exam, the applicant will be contacted by staff to remit payment of their certification fee, at which point the process will be complete. Expiration dates for Levels I, II, and III will be set to 12/31/2024 in anticipation of the transition to the new program.