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Today's recap of the first days of the 2023 National K-12 Grade Championships has a lot of content to catch you up. And there's no rest, either, as… Read More »
Tactics Tuesday
This month, all of our Tactics Tuesday worksheets will continue the CLK Openings Project, which this month is covering the Two Knights Defense… Read More »
Tactics Tuesday
This week's Tactics Tuesday comes entirely from games played in the 2023 FIDE World Cup. When the pressure is on and the clock is low, even titled… Read More »
Tactics Tuesday
This week's Tactics Tuesday highlights positions where one player rushed to make a good move, only to realize they forgot to check for their opponent… Read More »
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Four Things You Didn’t Know About Affiliates Our rulebook has scant wording regarding chess tournament organizers. In contrast, Tournament… Read More »
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Image Image Caption Two of our… Read More »
Wednesday Workout
For last week's Workout, all of the positions came from the 15th Annual Open at Foxwoods, but intentionally omitted one of the most interesting games… Read More »
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The National Middle School Championship has over 1,250 players. Franc Guadalupe, Chief Tournament Director, says 1,260 players registered. Bill… Read More »
Editor's Note: WGM Sabina Foisor reported on her return to her home country as a coach for the 2022 World Youth Championships in Mamaia, Romania for… Read More »
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US Chess is accepting nominations for the Dan Heisman Award for Excellence in Chess Instruction. This annual award recognizes a chess… Read More »
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