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The July episode of the Chess Underground checks back in with Iowa Chess Association Eric Vigil who recently conducted the Iowa Championship... in...… Read More »
Dance parties, the Thai Underground, and riding a bull: the untold story. Recently minted US Chess Tournament Director of the Year Glenn Panner joins… Read More »
Maret Thorpe (courtesy subject) Chess Underground Season 2 Episode 2 catches up with Maret Thorpe, NTD and FIDE arbiter, about customer service...… Read More »
Season 2 of the Chess Underground, Tournament Life, investigates the many nuances of the chess tournament subculture. Bill Broich (courtesy of… Read More »
The Chess Underground is literally underground, in every sense of the word, live (on tape) from the quarantined, sheltered-in-place state of Illinois… Read More »
The inaugural season of Chess Underground, Americana comes to a close. The examination of chess in the US began with flash mobs and beer and… Read More »
Civil rights activist. Politician. Speech pathologist. Chess coach. Garrett Scott (photo courtesy subject) Ladies and gentlemen, the life of Garrett… Read More »
This month’s Chess Underground features Colorado’s LM and NM Brian Wall, a true legend of American chess. Wall is well known for his adventurous...… Read More »
The November Chess Underground catches up with FIDE Master, electronic musician dabbler and treasure hunter Carl Boor. Carl discusses the merits of… Read More »
Dr. Henry Getz discusses his pet line in the Budapest, discovered after lining his living room with Ebay-purchased computer towers. The Underground… Read More »

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