Super Grandmaster Chess

Postponed since March 2020, the event that determines the next challenger to World Champion Magnus Carlsen will resume Monday in Yekaterinburg,… Read More »
courtesy orgs Maria Emelianova
While “Freestyle” chess, under one name or another, has enjoyed several marquee events featuring top grandmasters over the past few years, the… Read More »
Wednesday Workout
This week, we are proud to share the final installment of our four-part series on Tata Steel 2024, focusing exclusively on key moments from the… Read More »
Wednesday Workout
This week's Wednesday Workout continues our series from Tata Steel 2024. This week focuses on a thrilling endgame between GM Max Warmerdam and GM… Read More »
Editor's note: This article has been updated on Friday, February 9, with 16 more games featuring key matches from Divisions II and III, including… Read More »
Wednesday Workout
This week begins a series highlighting a number of angles from Tata Steel 2024. This week is a simple highlight reel of not-so-simple tactical… Read More »
Nepo Wei
Image Image Caption Wei Yi: the 2024… Read More »
Image Image Caption To the victors go… Read More »
Update (11/30/2023): An announcement by FIDE later in the day on November 29 announced that Dominguez would have to play one more standard rated… Read More »
Wednesday Workout
GM Fabiano Caruana won the 2023 Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz, overtaking GM Ray Robson shortly into the first day of blitz and never looking back. The… Read More »
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