Jeanne nana Irina
The third Cairns Cup begins Saturday, June 3, hosted by the Saint Louis Chess Club at the World Chess Hall of Fame. The ten-player Round Robin… Read More »
Editor's note: This story first ran in the June 2023 issue of Chess Life Magazine. We have republished Gledura's article below, and included several… Read More »
Ashley MCD
In her coverage of the First Annual HBCU Classic, a recurring theme in Melinda Matthews’ interviews was a sense that this event was (and should be)… Read More »
Wednesday Workout
This week's Wednesday Workout features puzzles pulled from games played at the 2023 National Elementary School Championship May 12 through 14 in… Read More »
courtesy caroline king
Image Image Caption Two of our… Read More »
Image Image Caption courtesy Lennart… Read More »
A memorable weekend came to a close on Mother's Day in Baltimore, MD, as the final two rounds of the National Elementary School Championship… Read More »
Image   This weekend, May 12 through 14, the… Read More »
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