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The National Middle School Championship has over 1,250 players. Franc Guadalupe, Chief Tournament Director, says 1,260 players registered. Bill… Read More »
Editor's Note: WGM Sabina Foisor reported on her return to her home country as a coach for the 2022 World Youth Championships in Mamaia, Romania for… Read More »
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US Chess is accepting nominations for the Dan Heisman Award for Excellence in Chess Instruction. This annual award recognizes a chess… Read More »
Wednesday Workout
This week's Wednesday Workout comes from the 1000 GMs' Bay Area Challengers tournaments held February 17-20 and 24-26 in Milpitas, California. This… Read More »
Is classical chess dead? It’s no secret that this question makes me grimace. But it’s not because I am a “purist” who will balk at rapid chess.… Read More »
Who do you picture when you think of a Tournament Director (TD)? For many of us, it's a Santa Claus-esque figure distributing nuggets of wisdom while… Read More »
Wednesday Workout
For this week's Wednesday Workout, enjoy a smattering of tactics from recent events including GM Wesley So's victory in the Inaugural… Read More »
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Image   Cheating in chess has been around for… Read More »
GM Elshan Moradiabadi at the 2022 U.S. Open. Photo: Mark Cieslikowski
One of the best things about the U.S. Open is that it is one section. No masters and above section, and no U1600 group — instead, it’s all-play-all,… Read More »
Make Your Move FM Carsten Hansen
Puzzles #6 and #7 of 9. This month's puzzles are all taken from the 2021 World Rapid and Blitz Championships in Warsaw, Poland. Sharpen your tactical… Read More »
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