2005 World Youth Championship U.S. Delegation
The 2005 sixth-place Team USA featured a lineup of players poised to become tomorrow's national championship contenders.Read More »
December 1956 Chess Review Cover - Game of the Century
A young Bobby Fischer's legendary game made a slow spread through Chess Life and the world in 1956.Read More »
With the death last week of GM Pal Benko at age 91, it seems appropriate on this Thursday to take a look back his 46 years writing for Chess Life.… Read More »
Having read Alexander Baburin’s outstanding (and sadly out of print) Winning Pawn Structues, and believing that the IQP is fundamental for chess… Read More »
A lost Josh Waitzkin game? IM Matthew Sadler? Shabalov with hair? (Said with love, Alex, from one bald man to another!) That’s right. It’s a Thursday… Read More »
This year marks the 80th anniversary of US Chess. Born of a merger between the American Chess Federation and the National Chess Federation on… Read More »
This weekend marks the 51th edition of the National High School Championship. This year’s tournament promises to be one of the largest in its history… Read More »
The first World Team Chess Championship was held in Lucerne, Switzerland in November 1985. The U.S. team qualified to play in the Open section but… Read More »
"Fred [Wren] first started to master chess in 1926. When asked what date he mastered it - he replied, "Leave that space blank, son."" (American Chess… Read More »
Today we inaugurate our new Throwback Thursday series. With so much outstanding material in the US Chess and Chess Life archives – photos, stories,… Read More »
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