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Fifty years ago, history's greatest American chess player had begun his march to the World Chess Championship - and he almost missed the first step.… Read More »
Last month, all active US Chess Life Members should have received a letter from us asking them to review and update their member information, contact… Read More »
The Champions Chess Tour's second "Major" event offers an increased $220,000 prize fund and an invitation to the tour finale in September.Read More »
The fourth tournament in the Champions Chess Tour is a Major event offering $200,000 and an invitation to the September tour finals.Read More »
The All-America team was created in 1987 as one of the highest national honors attainable for chess players aged 18 and under.Read More »
On Saturday, March 13, we have a very special guest at our cross-cultural group, a collaboration between US Chess Women, the Lighthouse Chess Club in… Read More »
US Chess announces the 2021 National Online Scholastic Championships (NOSC). This event is intended as the online replacement for the now-cancelled… Read More »
Welcome to the March 2021 edition of “One Move at a Time,” the US Chess podcast in which Dan Lucas, the Senior Director of Strategic Communication...… Read More »
At the end of January, the US Chess Executive Board approved the formation of the Correspondence Chess Working Group (CCWG) to assess the US Chess...… Read More »
After emigrating from the Philippines in 2012, the two-time US Chess Champion and world top-10 player became a U.S. citizen in February.Read More »

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