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On April 16th, Friday at 8 PM ET, acclaimed author Katherine Neville will attend our Madwoman's Book Club to discuss her best-seller, the Eight...… Read More »
Chess Underground wraps up its second season - "Tournament Life" - with a visit with super-TD Judit Sztaray. No topic is off limits, and Judit weighs… Read More »
International Master John Watson is often considered one of the world's leading authorities on chess literature. A fine author in his own right, with… Read More »
FunMasterMike, the face and voice of chesskid, will be hosting a chess tactics trivia competition for our US Chess Girls Club on March 25th.Read More…
The US Chess Champion stumbled in the semifinals against eventual winner Giri, then dropped the third-place match to the World Champion.Read More »
US Chess is announcing a revised fee structure for the cost of submitting FIDE rated events for rating. These fees are in addition to the regular...… Read More »
From inspiring panels to empowering messages to celebratory events, International Women’s Day (IWD) is commemorated in countless ways. At Her Move...… Read More »
GM Mikhail Antipov earned bronze in the Open and IM Olga Badelka brought home silver in the Women's Championship. WIM Alicja Sliwicka from UT-RGV… Read More »
Spring is a time for renewal: birds, flowers, trees—even chess! Our timeless game has found new ways to engage people in recent times. Be part of… Read More »
US Chess is excited to announce a new, entry level US Chess rated correspondence chess (CC) event, to be held on the International Correspondence...… Read More »

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