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An impressive 1,247 players crowded the pairing sheets at the start of the 2023 National Middle School (K-8) Championship in Round Rock, TX, taking… Read More »
Please download today's printable bulletin to read along with GM Liang's annotations! In some competitions, the outcome of a previous event will...… Read More »
The Forums are in transition to a new format and will be down for several days. Thank you for your patience during this process.Read More »
This weekend, April 21 through 23, the US Chess National Middle School (K-8) Championship takes place in Round Rock, TX! This national event features… Read More »
The website outage that began April 18 and continued through much of the day April 19 has mostly been resolved. There may be a spot or two where work… Read More »
This week's Workout comes entirely from recent games played at the 15th Annual Open at Foxwoods! As always, you can download our printable worksheet… Read More »
Please download today's print-friendly bulletin to read along with GM Yoo's annotations, featuring many rich variations that could have been. As...… Read More »
Editor's Note: WGM Sabina Foisor reported on her return to her home country as a coach for the 2022 World Youth Championships in Mamaia, Romania for… Read More »
For this story, we (Jason and Sharvesh) asked if we could collaborate to share our experiences at the National High School (K-12) Championships with… Read More »
Please download our daily bulletin or follow along with WGM Jennifer Yu's annotations below! Does chess have a “draw problem” at the highest level...… Read More »