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After three grueling rounds on Saturday, several highly anticipated showdowns in National Harbor are already under way Sunday morning in round six.… Read More »
The first two rounds of the 2022 K-12 Grade Championships are in the books, and Saturday’s third round of action is underway. While most of the top… Read More »
When the overflow hotel runs out of rooms a month in advance, you know you’re in for a record-breaking event. With the National K-12 Grade...Read… Read More »
Tata Steel Chess India, now in its fourth year of rapid and blitz, shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Indeed, the Kolkata tournament...… Read More »
For this very prestigious edition of the Wednesday Workout, all tactics are selected from the recent-concluded Mr. Dodgy Invitational. With games all… Read More »
It started as a joke. Then, in 2020, it became an online eight-player Round Robin with only one prize. The prize was a picture of a man on a horse...… Read More »
This past turkey day weekend, over 637 players flocked to Charlotte for the US Masters and concurrent North Carolina Open (NCO). With 202 players...… Read More »
This month, Tim takes questions from readers on a variety of topics ranging from claiming wins on times, how to claim a draw by repetition, and when… Read More »
Welcome to the annual miniatures column! In the past, this column has recognized any games that lasted no more than 20 moves to be miniatures. I am… Read More »
Thank you to everyone who contributed to our #GivingTuesday initiative this week. Because of you, we raised more than $8,000 in funds that will help… Read More »