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He promised himself that when he came Saint Louis, he would win the tournament. And so he did. GM Alireza Firouzja, in his first appearance at the...… Read More »
Greetings! In this month’s issue we look at pushing the “b” pawn to open, either one square or two, from both sides of the board. I smiled when Paul… Read More »
There’s always something going on at the Saint Louis Chess Club, but even by their standards, the next two months are gonna be lit. The Sinquefield… Read More »
The Chess Underground, with host Pete Karagianis and Gopal Menon, returns in August to discuss some spicy interviews as hot as the Miami heat, chess… Read More »
Writers, columnists, photographers, and analysts from US Chess had much to celebrate at the annual Chess Journalists of America (CJA) meeting on...… Read More »
his month, Jennifer welcomes Tatia Skhirtladze, the director and producer of Glory to the Queen, a documentary film exploring the outstanding success… Read More »
After leaving his old job, and before starting his new one, Abhinav Suresh took a trip to the Candidates. He got more than he expected in the process… Read More »
FMs and WFMs are the hidden gems of the chess world. Overlooked as the world focuses on GM and IM games, FMs and WFMs are more relatable to the… Read More »
I attended the 53rd U.S. Chess School hosted at the Marshall Chess Club in New York City from June 20-23. The U.S. Chess School, founded in 2006 by… Read More »
US Chess announces the solicitation of bids for hosting the 2022-2023 National Online Scholastic Quick Chess Championships. This new event was… Read More »


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