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The 2020 National Collegiate Rapid & Blitz Championships were held over the weekend of September 26-27, with over 25 schools and 150 students… Read More »
US Chess announces the creation of the 2020-2021 Pan-American Intercollegiate Online Chess Championships. This event will be scheduled for January 3-… Read More »
The 2020 US Cadet Championship, organized online this year by the Mechanics’ Institute, brought together 8 of the top U16 players in the country from… Read More »
Where in the world is that link? I asked myself. Like any good Carmen Sandiego adventure, finding the right link in a time of need is quite an...Read… Read More »
John Walton is the winner of the 18Q08 Trophy Quad with a perfect 6/6 score.Read More »
US Chess is happy to announce the recipients of a series of online program grants for events to promote women and girls in chess. These funds were...… Read More »
The Saint Louis Arch Bishops fell short of their quest to become the Professional Rapid Online Chess League’s first back-to-back champion, after...… Read More »
The September 2020 installment of Chess Underground continues its exploration of the theme "Tournament Life" with NM Tim McEntee. What's on tap? FIDE… Read More »
Popular WGM, coach and Olympic team member Tatev Abrahamyan will lead our Thursday Girls Club on October 1 at 6 PM EDT. If you follow her on twitter… Read More »
IM Christopher Yoo decisively won the 2020 U.S. Cadet Championship this weekend, scoring 6/7 to best second-place finishers FM Christopher Shen and… Read More »

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