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In a special double-header, Jennifer interviews entrepreneur and organizer Judith Kiragu and chess patron Dr. Philip Mwashe on the origin story of… Read More »
From July 1, 2021, US Chess will require that all FIDE rated events be submitted to US Chess for processing using a FIDE Endorsed Pairing Program.… Read More »
Early attempts at these rules were too ambiguous for proper enforcement, and later attempts were made to provide clarity on dealing with repeat moves… Read More »
Portions of the website are down. The problem is being worked on, and updates will be provided if further information becomes available.… Read More »
The U.S. Amateur Team East, also known as the World Amateur Team or “Team East,” has been my favorite tournament ever since I was an eight-year-old… Read More »
The June edition of "Chess Underground" continues our season 3 theme, “Streamers”, with a sit-down with James Canty III. James discusses his...Read… Read More »
“It is my wish and desire that the United States Chess Federation use this gift to establish a fund in my name and that the income generated… Read More »
The US Chess Federation is pleased to announce the 2021 Annual Award recipients. Congratulations to all of these individuals and organizations who… Read More »
The 50-move draw rule took centuries to reach its modern definition.Read More »
The Grand Chess Tour continues with back-to-back events, picking up speed in Paris on Friday just after finishing the kickoff classical event in...… Read More »

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