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The February Chess Underground examines the intrigue and excitement surrounding the upcoming resumption of the 2020 Candidates Tournament in...Read… Read More »
The much-anticipated 2021 edition SuperNationals, which would have been the seventh installment of the popular all-inclusive scholastic national...… Read More »
On Wednesday, February 17, Executive Director Carol Meyer, Governance Coordinator Jennifer Pearson, and Chair of the Election Committee Ken Ballou… Read More »
Special thanks to FM Alex Dunne, who has resigned his position as US Chess Correspondence Chess Director, as well as author of this column.Read More »
The Kasparov Chess Foundation's collegiate team event drew more than 500 players from 72 universities, representing 24 countries from all continents… Read More »
Actor and producer John Leguizamo, the star and director of "Critical Thinking" spoke to our US Chess Girls Club about the process of making, casting… Read More »
ANNOUNCEMENT: SAVE-THE-DATE! April 17, 2021 for the first ChessKid USA Girls & Women's Championship! ChessKid is pleased to announce its first...… Read More »
The university's B-team scored a perfect 6-0 in the first national team event of the year, which pulled in 75 teams and 300 players.Read More »
Women International Master, author and entrepreneur Sabrina Chevannes is our February guest on Ladies Knight. Sabrina talks about how she… Read More »
The US Champion beat GM Magnus Carlsen in a Valentine's Day final, the second time in a row in the Champions Chess Tour.Read More »

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