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This week's Tactics Tuesday takes a deep dive into one of GM Hans Niemann's seven (!!) impressive victories in the Tournament of Peace held in Zagreb… Read More »
For full details, please click here: US Chess Nonprofit Auditor RFPRead More »
The following letter details US Chess Federation comments regarding the current Candidate Tournament qualification procedures and was sent to...Read… Read More »
“In ‘miniature’ games, errors are soon magnified” - Dylan Loeb McClain, New York Times Hello chess friends! Welcome to the annual miniatures column… Read More »
Editor's note: In this month's column, Tim Just asks readers what judgment calls they would make when the letter of the rulebook departments from the… Read More »
New York, NY, Nov. 28, 2023: The Kasparov Chess Foundation (KCF) announces the fourth annual KCF University Cup, which will take place February 3 and… Read More »
GM Fabiano Caruana capped off a banner year by winning the 2023 Sinquefield Cup outright thanks to a last-round victory over Romanian GM Richard...… Read More »
202 players competed in Charlotte, NC, for the 2023 U.S. Masters organized by the Charlotte Chess Center. After nine rounds of 90+30 FIDE rated chess… Read More »
This week's Wednesday Workout pulls from the recently concluded 2023 European Team Championships. Full standings are available here, and Serbia...… Read More »
Update (11/30/2023): An announcement by FIDE later in the day on November 29 announced that Dominguez would have to play one more standard rated...… Read More »