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The US Chess Morning Membership Events which started this past Monday on got off to a flying start with over 150 players participating in… Read More »
The Mechanics’ Institute is excited to organize the Northern California Online Invitational Championship on Sunday, June 21 at 2pm. It will be a six… Read More »
US Chess will be facing off against the Irish Chess Union in an international friendly match of nations! The two countries plan to square off… Read More »
US Chess will be accepting bids for an Online US Championship Qualifier to fill the void of the spot that was left unfilled by the cancellation of… Read More »
Check out the new HBO Max reality challenge Karma. Teenagers from all over the US travel to a remote forest. Eighteen who make the cut will form nine… Read More »
Jennifer Shahade welcomes singer, songwriter and former scholastic chess champion, Linda Diaz on Ladies Knight.Read More »
The Chess Journalists of America (CJA) has been covering American chess since the Fischer boom. Over the last four decades we have celebrated the...… Read More »
This week's “The TD Show” topic will be "Touch Move" and will air at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific on Thursday, June 18 on the US Chess Twitch channel at… Read More »
US Chess Women is happy to announce online program stipends to support efforts to educate, retain and promote women and girls in chess. These… Read More »
On March 5, and with growing awareness of the coronavirus, the Marshall Chess Club’s Board of Governors unanimously decided to shut down the physical… Read More »

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