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On September 23, I picked up GM Timur Gareyev at O' Hare airport. My goal: to bring him to Iowa to break the world record for consecutive blindfold… Read More »
The Frank P. Samford Jr. Chess Fellowship is pleased to announce its thirty-first consecutive annual award. The Fellowship was created by the late...… Read More »
Girls Under 14 pre-game peptalk: Photo Anastasia Popova In the final round of the World Youth in Khanty-Mansiysk, Annie Wang lost a crucial battle in… Read More »
Annie Wang, Photo Anna Volkova In the tenth round of the World Youth in Khanty-Mansiysk, Girls Under 14 US representative Annie Wang defeated then...… Read More »
The US Chess Federation is seeking applications for the job of FIDE Ratings, Titles and Certifications Manager. Applicants must have: An Associate’s… Read More »
The US Delegation in Khanty-Mansiysk, proudly sporting Two Sigma jackets. Gabriel Sam and David Peng are among the leaders of the US Chess delegation… Read More »
At last year’s U.S. Open, I had an eye-opening conversation about studying the opening with two friends. Between the three of us, we represented an… Read More »
A real Queen’s Gambit! A Smothered Mate! An endgame technique to create a passer (I’ll let you be surprised)! AND, an inspiring story line with top… Read More »
Thoune-Hajric, Photo Boyd Reed The U.S. Blind championship was won by Jim Thoune of Bowling Green, Kentucky, ahead of Al Pietrolungo of Pittsburgh...… Read More »
“No no, the rook was on c8, can we show the replay?” IM Greg Shahade complains seconds after he loses to NM Rayan Taghizadeh after the finale of the… Read More »