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On Saturday, August 12 at 10 AM ET, NM Laura Smith will speak to the US Chess cross-cultural girls club on Forcing Moves, also the topic of her… Read More »
On a special collaborative episode of Ladies Knight, Jennifer and Ben Johnson, host of the Perpetual Podcast, recap the recently concluded Women’s...… Read More »
Jennifer welcomes Bernice Wambui Gikandi to Ladies Knight. Bernice, at just 12 years old, is a rising star on and off the board. She’s the Global...… Read More »
Jennifer invites a very special guest to Ladies Knight: International Memory Grandmaster, Yanjaa Wintersoul. Yanjaa, the first woman to become a...… Read More »
Jennifer Shahade welcomes Megan Chen to Ladies Knight. Megan is currently on a great American quest to play US rated chess in every state.Read More »
Ladies Knight host Jennifer Shahade had the opportunity this Winter to meet an epic guest: Holocaust Survivor and 1956 French Women’s Chess Champion… Read More »
Our 50th Ladies Knight guest is Kalanithi “Kala” Kanapathy-Bagley, the founder of the Discovery Chess Academy and a member of US Chess Women’s...Read… Read More »
Jennifer Shahade brings Senior Tournament Director and four-time All Girls Nationals Team champ Maya Myers to Ladies Knight. In 2022, Myers became… Read More »
Jennifer Shahade welcomes high-school sophomore Laurel Aronian to Ladies Knight. Laurel is a president of her high school chess team, St. Luke's, and… Read More »
his month, Jennifer welcomes Tatia Skhirtladze, the director and producer of Glory to the Queen, a documentary film exploring the outstanding success… Read More »