Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade ft. Maya Myers

Photo of Mariah McGreen and Maya Myers
Image Caption
Mariah McGreen and Maya Myers, Photo Vanessa Sun

Jennifer Shahade brings Senior Tournament Director and four-time All Girls Nationals Team champ Maya Myers to Ladies Knight. In 2022, Myers became the first African American woman to earn the International Arbiter title. 

Maya and Jennifer discuss her role and reaction to Brooklyn Castle, the acclaimed documentary film about IS 318, which she attended with her twin sister Mariah McGreen. Maya also tells us which tournament rules she would change if she could, and her first and most recent encounters with Grandmaster Maurice Ashley. She also speaks about the influence of IA Sophia Rohde, who made her shoot for the highest titles possible.

Maya is now a coach and TD at the Charlotte Chess Center, and also works as a repair technician at Apple.  

Find Maya Myers at the Charlotte Chess Center.

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IA Maya Myers at the 2022 US Chess Championships, Photo STL Chess Club
Image Caption
IA Maya Myers at the 2022 US Chess Championships, Photo STL Chess Club

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