Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade ft. Megan Chen

Jennifer Shahade welcomes Megan Chen to Ladies Knight. Megan, a recent contributor to Chess Life Magazine, is currently on a great American quest to play US rated chess in every state. She’s already ticked off 44, and plans to be the first female player ever to get to all 50. Jennifer and Megan discuss states that remain, her favorite destinations, and the rationale behind her quest. 

A passionate adult improver, software engineer and traveler, follow Megan at, where she often tweets using the hashtag #chesspunks. You can also get a glimpse into her travels—and her rating graph—on MSA.

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Megan Chen, looking at chess board and adjusting setup
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Megan Chen


Bob Feldstein already accomplished the "play rated chess in every state" challenge.

Congrats Megan on soon to be an amazing feat. I'm on a quest myself to visit every US Presidents Birthplace and Gravesite. Currently up to 22. But I was slightly disppointed that when she played in my state (Rhode Island) she only played one round and withdrew. But it's all good and wishing her continued success.

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