Ladies Knight x Perpetual: The Women's World Champs Recap

On a special collaborative episode of Ladies Knight, Jennifer and Ben Johnson, host of the Perpetual Podcast, recap the recently concluded Women’s World Chess Championship, which Ju Wenjun won in spectacular style over her compatriot Grandmaster, Lei Tingjie. 

They touch on their favorite moves from the final game, the moment Jennifer realized there may not be a playoff after all, and the impact of Ju Wenjun’s historic victory. 

Jennifer also discusses her upcoming book, PLAY LIKE A CHAMPION, which happens to have the exact same tentative release date (Nov 1, 2023) as Ben’s book, PERPETUAL CHESS IMPROVEMENT. 

Find Jennifer’s final game recap on Youtube, and watch a version of this episode on Ben’s YouTube channel. 

Ladies Knight features music by the artist Juga