NM Laura Smith to Speak to Cross-Cultural Girls Club on Forcing Moves

NM Laura Smith, Forcing Moves Flyer for Aug 12, 10 AM ET


On Saturday, August 12 at 10 AM ET, NM Laura Smith will speak to the US Chess cross-cultural girls club on Forcing Moves, also the topic of her recent chessable course. This session is a partnership between US Chess Women, the Lighthouse Chess Club and Business Meets Chess & Kids. WGM Jennifer Shahade will co-host the session and provide commentary on a mini-tournament held immediately after Laura's lecture is over. This event is eligible to female US Chess members of all ages. Send an email to jshahade@uschess.org with your name and membership link or number to get the login info within 12 hours of the event.

For those who miss it or who aren't eligible, you can find a recap after the event on our YouTube PlayList, which currently features highlights from more than 60 girls chess club workshops and events.