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After five rounds of the Women's World Team Championships, the team finally got some much-needed rest. We had all played 11 arduous rounds of the U.S… Read More »
If someone had told me before Philly Open, that I would clinch my 3rd IM Norm with a round to spare, I wouldn't have believed them. Going into the...… Read More »
GM Sam Shankland continues his series on breaking the top 100 players in the World. Read Part I here and also see his 2014 Best of CLO award. 6. One… Read More »
Best of CLO #1 is Finegold's Chess Resolutions by GM Ben Finegold. "Extremely fluid and conversational, when Ben talks/writes about chess, it is a...… Read More »
Photo: Yevgeny Surov I am American born and raised, there is no chess culture in my family, I played my first tournament at an age when most top...… Read More »
Some friendly bug Spending Christmas packed into a car with 3 other dudes all with varying definitions of good music, as well as differing… Read More »
Since I don't follow any of my regular resolutions, let's make a list of "Chess" resolutions that many of you should follow! 1) I won't get into time… Read More »
Curious about the origins of National Chess Day, I decided to investigate it. Many websites refer to President Ford proclaiming October 9, 1976 as...… Read More »
Sam Shankland after winning the 2018 US Championship. Photo: Lennart Ootes Sam Shankland 2018 U.S. Champion and Super-Grandmaster US Chess Rating… Read More »
Sabina Foisor has been a top contender in the U.S. Women's chess sphere for many years. In 2017, Foisor entered the U.S. Women's Championship as an… Read More »