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The Carnegie Mellon squad: Ryan Christianson, Board 4 Beilin Li Board 3, captain David Itkin Board 2 and Grant Xu on Board 1 Everyone is used to...… Read More »
Rock n’ roll blasted through the Grand Ballroom during registration for the U.S. Amateur Team East tournament, setting the scene for the intensity to… Read More »
Two months of travel through Australia and Asia. Three grueling chess tournaments. Thousands of photos. Countless unforgettable experiences (on and… Read More »
“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” –Henry FordRead More »
GM Jorge Cori, GM Ray Robson, GM Susan Polgar, GM Vasif Durarbayli (holding trophy), GM Alex Shimanov. Photo Al Lawrence The titanic trophy-cup in...… Read More »
IM Dorsa Derakashani at the Pan-American Championships with SLU coach GM Alejandro Ramirez, Photo Al Lawrence International Master Dorsa Derakashani… Read More »
Congrats to Webster University's A team on winning the Pan American Championships in Columbus, Ohio with a score of 5.5-.5 Also qualifying for the...… Read More »
2017 Pan-American Tournament Hall in Columbus, Ohio, Photo Al Lawrence Big ratings don’t guarantee smooth sailing. This week the Convention Center in… Read More »
The Pan-American Intercollegiate Championships (Dec 27-30) are currently underway in Columbus, Ohio, with 58 teams participating. Photo Al Lawrence… Read More »
The 2017 National K-12 Championships underway in Orlando, Florida this week will forever be a fond memory. As a senior in high school, this time of… Read More »

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