Yip Annotates Thrilling World Women’s Finale

As the Women’s World Championship ended in a thrilling finale, giving Grandmaster Ju Wenjun her third title, young American IM Carissa Yip took time from her busy schedule to annotate the crucial games for CLO.

Follow both GM Ju Wenjun and IM Carissa Yip at the upcoming Cairns’ Cup at the Saint Louis Chess Club. 

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IM Carissa Yip Annotations:

Game 4

Games 5 and 6


  1. When it was played against me years ago, 1 d4 d5, 2 Nc3 was called the Veresov’s.
    Does the younger generation not know the names of the openings? Good analysis other than that. Maybe in the next Women’s World Championship match we will see Carissa playing.

    • Sir, Veresov is characterized by 3.Bg5 not 3.Bf4. 3.Bf4 schpecifically call Jobava. Indeed was pioneer by Jobava, this one 3.Bf4. Ms. Yip perfectly right in her opening naming. Please do a research next time Larry before talking such a nonsense.

      Professor Srikanth

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