Newsflash: Ju Wenjun Retains World Women’s Championship Title

In a thrilling match that was split 6-6 in the classical portion, Ju Wenjun of China retained her World Women’s Championship title against the young Grandmaster Aleksandra Goryachkina by prevailing in rapid tiebreaks.

The first two rapid games were drawn, and then Ju Wenjun struck with a great victory, converting the advantage of the two bishops to a decisive attack.

In the final rapid game, Goryachkina sacrificed a pawn and got more than enough compensation. She ended up winning the pawn back and achieving a better endgame, albeit with little material to press with. Ju Wenjun secured the draw and the match victory after 77 moves.

This incredible match left many fans wanting more. Good news for American fans: Ju Wenjun’s next stop is the 2020 Cairns’ Cup in Saint Louis, Feb 6-17. 

Look for more detailed analysis on the match’s conclusion from IM Carissa Yip this weekend.

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IM Carissa Yip Annotations:

Game 4

Games 5 and 6


  1. Grandmaster Ju Wenjun’s retaining her women’s world championship title will be the subject of the next edition of the popular TV series “Chess Chat” that will be broadcast on Monday, February 3 at 7 p.m. on Fitchburg Access Television (FATV) in Massachusetts. The program, produced by members of the Wachusett Chess Club at Fitchburg State University, the second-oldest USCF affiliate in the state, will be hosted by George Mirijanian and Dave Couture. The show can be seen via LIVE STREAMING at 7 p.m. on 2/3/20 at It will also be made available on VIDEO ON DEMAND on the same website.

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