Call for Nominations: 2023 US Chess Executive Board Election

In August 2020, the US Chess Delegates created a Nominating Committee to assist with identifying candidates to run for the US Chess Executive Board. The Nominating Committee (“Committee”) was tasked with:


·        Recruiting candidates to stand for election to the Executive Board;

·        Vetting prospective candidates;

·        Qualifying candidates who receive the Committee’s majority approval.


The qualified candidates, upon meeting other requirements imposed by the Bylaws, are placed on the ballot to US Chess Voting Members.


In its inaugural two-year cycle, the Committee successfully qualified six candidates for two elections, all of whom met the other requirements imposed by the Bylaws to become candidates for Executive Board. 


The Committee is composed of six Delegate-appointed and two Executive Board-appointed members. The Committee meets throughout the year, identifying, vetting, and qualifying individuals for Executive Board service. If you are considering a run for the US Chess Executive Board, consider self-nominating or reaching out to one of the eight Committee members. That is the best way to get started. Each year, the Committee issues a call for nominations and collects nominations via an online submission form. 


Nominating Committees are a fixture of nonprofit (and for-profit) organizations that have boards of directors. As members of the Executive Board are the legal fiduciaries of US Chess, it is important to identify individuals who have the requisite knowledge, skills, and commitment to Executive Board service. To this end, the Nominating Committee has identified qualities for prospective Board members, highlighting attributes that fall into three broad categories:


·       Good Character

·       Strong Commitment to US Chess and Its Mission

·       Relevant Experience


Within this framework, the Committee seeks dedicated volunteers who are willing to give their time, resources, and expertise as volunteer leaders to govern US Chess. Together with Executive Board Member Expectations the Committee seeks experienced professionals who have a passion for the mission of US Chess and who have experience in organizational governance.


Resources for Prospective Candidates

US Chess has created a Candidate Resources page that aggregates information for members who are interested in running for the Executive Board. On this page you will find information about Executive Board service and the process for running. The deadline to submit a Candidate Interest Form to the Nominating Committee is October 15, 2022.


Since all candidates for the Executive Board are required to obtain petition signatures from a diverse pool of US Chess members, the Committee recommends beginning this process as soon as possible. All completed candidate petitions are required to be submitted to Click here to show email address or postmarked and mailed to Governance, US Chess, P.O. Box 775308, St. Louis, MO 63177 by 11:59 pm (CT), December 31, 2022. There are no exceptions.

Nominating Committee Members

David Grimaud (SC)*

Sophia Rohde (NY)*

Joy Bray (MO)

Richard Koepcke (CA-N)*

Michelle Martinez (AZ)*

Daaim Shabazz (FL)*

Hal Sprechman (NJ)

Chris Wainscott (WI)*

*Delegate appointed member