Candidate Resources

Perhaps you are considering running for US Chess Executive Board or are curious about what might be involved in becoming a candidate. We have created this resource page to help you get familiar with the expectations, requirements and processes involved with becoming a candidate. You can originate your candidacy through the Nominating Committee (deadline to submit Candidate Interest Form to Nominating Committee is October 15, 2022) or jump directly to the Petitioner Phase. Current and former members of the Executive Board are also excellent resources - please feel free to reach out to them too. The best thing you can do is make your interest known so we can provide the most support for you as you consider whether or not to run.


The next Executive Board Election will be in 2025.

Potential candidates for the 2025 election should begin gathering signatures for their petition in 2024. 


An Overview of US Chess Executive Board Service

Background information for helping you determine whether serving on the US Chess Board is right for you.


The Petitioner Phase


The Candidate Phase