Botez Live Match Features Jesse February vs. Andrea Botez

Alexandra Botez's match series in partnership with US Chess Women continues on March 7th at 1 PM at her new channel Alexandra expanded her channel a few weeks ago in partnership with her sister Andrea Botez. She also has a regular Friday night guest host, WGM Qiyu Zhou. Saturday's match will feature Andrea Botez against WIM Jesse February of South Africa. Jesse is a new streamer and has done Cairns Cup commentary for Her channel is You can also find Jesse on twitter.  Alexandra, who will be doing commentary, thinks it should be a close match, as both players have similar ratings.

  • Date: Saturday, March 7th, at 1 PM ET
  • Watch:
  • WIM Jesse February and Andrea Botez will be playing 3+2 with first to 10 wins.
  • Commentary by WFM Alexandra Botez.
  • Prize Fund: $350/$150 split donated by Ian “Maprail” Silverstone. 60% of on-stream donations will go to our US Chess Women Programs.

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