Ladies Knight Podcast Debuts with Shahade & Botez

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Jennifer Shahade, Two-time US Women’s Chess Champion, CLO editor and vocal advocate for women in chess, has debuted a new monthly podcast, Ladies Knight, featuring conversations with prominent female members of our community. Listen to the first episode above or subscribe on Itunes here and on Android here. 

In her first pod, Jennifer Shahade interviews popular streamer and five-time Canadian Girls Champion Alexandra Botez. Alexandra is also the CEO of Fame Game and a commentator for the PRO Chess League. Jen and Alexandra talk about bullet chess, building a successful twitch channel, and how to tackle trolls.

The podcast features music by the artist Juga, who went viral when her song, Oh Capablanca, dropped in the Fall of 2018. You can find more about Juga on

Juga at the 2018 Olympiad, Photo Alina L’Ami

The podcast name was originally inspired by the 2015 show Ladies’ Knight: A Female Perspective on Chess at the World Chess Hall of Fame. Podcast theme art designed by Frankie Butler based on a photo by David Llada.

Find a full index of US Chess podcasts here. To support the podcast, consider making a donation to advance our Women’s Initiative at

Jennifer reversed roles from this interview with Alexandra Botez, at the 2018 PRO Chess League finals in San Francisco, Photo IM Eric Rosen



  1. Told you! Overnight US CHESS becomes the source, the authority. Real deal, real world ,up to the minute. Let it therefore rock. UNCENSORED. Go crew!Jude Acers / New Orleans

  2. This is so great. When I was playing tournament chess, I was usually the only female there. Love this upswing of excellent women players in the forefront of chess activity.

  3. Great podcast / interview, and very inspirational as to how to develop and run a successful chess streaming channel!

  4. Agree with Jude Acers this is a positive, creative and a real method to reach younger women through chess in 2019 and beyond. Older chess volunteers and organizers should make way for new generations of devotees to the game and the modern technologies that permit us to enjoy it at a number of levels. In Massachusetts, we always encourage women to compete and provide input as participants, parental volunteers or as instructors. The gift of time is often appreciated by humans more than money in non-profit caring and sharing endeavors. Podcasts do permit free expression. Jenn has produced a gem in communications. Stephen Dann (USCF Life member 10005965)

  5. Thank you so very much Mr. Stephen Dann. ..I felt like Robinson Crusoe on a desert island for a very long time. NOW WE really ROCK AND ROLL.Women are gigantic /just huge in future chess planning..think long green buckolas if nothing else…but toss in civility, guts, decency, SHEER BASIC HUMANITY and AHEM other goodies. At your service. Jude Acers/ New Orleans PS bulletin FROM JUDE ACERS to US check for three added membership years will be in the mail most promptly. You finally get it.

  6. Very Awesome. Chess has changed, and when I grew up waiting for the newspapers to print the latest games from the world chess championship, to the coverage and games now… wow, what a difference! To me the main plus is that chess is now “fun” and just an awesome past-time versus some game that only a few GM’s can really enjoy… Regular people are now enjoying it at all kinds of time controls, or with computers or online or whatever….

    Great Job, Jen! and thanks Alexandra (and say hi to Anna R! 🙂 )…

  7. I really liked the overall content. The commentary regarding viewer count was interesting. I am a little surprised that it mentions Ms. Botez as a 5-time Canadian Girls Champion, but does not mention her win 1 year of the U18 section of the Kasparov All-Girls Championship. That is no small feat with usually at least a half dozen players rated over 2000.

  8. To : Mr. Larry Cohen Well struck sir…Tell me about it!….do not feel like the lone ranger…Botez is also an absolute off the chart master of the chess presentation . Off to the races here…. The Jennifer also in her element… really knows how to show off that sizzling red hot Alexandra Botez atomic auto -glow welcome. Come hither chessplayers! Jude Acers/ New Orleans

  9. I love the idea of encouraging women and girls to enter the chess world. I believe that women will alter the culture of chess in a very positive way, bringing beauty and fun to fore. Keep it up.

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