Women are a growing segment of our US Chess community. We have made progress in growing the game for girls and women, boasting the largest number of female US Chess members ever in 2016. But our work is far from over. At US Chess, we aim to close in on an equal proportion of participation for women and men. Our initiatives include hosting the National Girls Tournament of Champions (NGTOC) and supporting other National events, such as the All-Girls Nationals and the US Junior Girls Closed.

We also promote female participation at Open events. The award-winning Women's Chess committee hosts the Girls' Club at Scholastic Championships and other National events, a space where girls of all levels can relax and bond between games and learn from strong female role models.

We urge you to join supporters like Richard and Barbara Schriffin, who donate the top prize at the NGTOC. Richard told US Chess, "We want to continue to encourage more girls and women to enter fields that have traditionally been filled by boys and men--engineering, math, science, technology, to name a few. Chess is a link to those fields because it teaches relational and abstract thinking, along with patience and perseverance."

Female leaders at US Chess showing off their plaques at the Annual US Chess Awards: Chrstine Schweiss of Hampton Roads Chess Club, Former US Chess President Ruth Haring, US Women's Chess Chair Maureen Grimaud and Organizer of the Year Judit Sztaray

2016 US Women's Champion Nazi Paikidze is also committed to encouraging women to pick up the game. After her first US Championship title victory, she told Chess Life Magazine, "I will do everything I can to help get more girls into chess."

Sabina Foisor, Photo Lennart Ootes for STL Chess Club

Women in US Chess have continued to thrive recently. Maggie Feng became the only girl in history to win the National Junior High School Championship, while Sabina Foisor claimed the US Women's title in one of the most inspiring underdog US Championship stories in history. 

Help us build on the momentum and make a donation of any amount to our girl's and women's chess development fund.

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“My grandparents arrived in this country seeking a better quality of life, so having the US flag next to my name on the chessboard touches my heart. Our national federation is always there to support me.”
— Claudia Muñoz, on representing US Chess