US Chess Announces Online Program Grants Funded by Saint Louis Partnership

US Chess Women is happy to announce online program stipends to support efforts to educate, retain and promote women and girls in chess. These stipends are supported by our partnership with the Saint Louis Chess Club, which renewed their generous grant award to speed up the growth of women and girls in chess. We are looking for online projects organized by educational non-profits (501 c3) and non-profit (501 c3) US Chess affiliates, planned for late summer through the end of 2020. The deadline for applications (extended) is Noon EDT on July 12, 2020* US Chess reserves the right to accept late applications or extend the deadline.  Apply here. Projects that begin in August or later are encouraged to apply.  The bid awards will range from $500 and $2500. We encourage sustained activity like workshops, tournament series or seminars. Don’t consider these suggestions as limitations, as we encourage creativity. All grant recipients will be required to submit a grant report within 30 days of completing the project. Grant reports must include number of individuals served, gender breakdown of participants, description of activity(s), outcomes of activity and future plans to build off funded activity. Our criteria will include some of the following considerations:

  1. Track record of applicant
  2. Intent to attract 50%+ participation of girls in proposed project* (Starred items are Required)
  3. Benefits a small or large group, rather than targeting specific individuals*
  4. Project promotes intended goal to empower and promote girls and women in chess*
  5. Efficiency
  6. Creativity
  7. Benefits US Chess members or potential US Chess members*.
  8. Capacity to carry out program
  9. Potential intersections with other US Chess goals (such as reaching a more diverse population, or encouraging people with disabilities)
  10. Need
  11. Geographic and organizational diversity (we are less likely to choose multiple projects submitted by the same organization.)

We plan a second grant cycle later in 2020. Pending local and federal regulations and recommendations, these may include grants for live events and clubs.

The deadline for applications (extended) is  Noon EDT on July 12th, 2020.  

Please submit questions to Click here to show email address and Click here to show email address.

US Chess hosts weekly girls club zoom classes, and plans special targeted sessions (to certain rating levels, and adult women, teens, etc.) in the coming weeks. Please email Click here to show email address to get on the email list, and find our YouTube playlist here.